What is a Good Replacement for LogMeIn Free?

What is a Good Replacement for Log Me In Free?

Many of you got this email from LogMeIn Today! (Jan 21st 2014)
Many of my Non Profits, that have ZERO Budget! To Purchase The Pro Version Even if it’s 50% First year.
So what to do?  (Of course SBS2003/SBS2008/SBS2011) included remote to Desktops.
And Yes Essentials Server Does that also, But remember theses are Non-Profits with ZERO MONEY!
So No Server, at all, Can’t afford LogMeIn, or GoToMyPC,
Some People use Join.me but that’s not true unassisted Remote.
TeamViewer? Well you aren’t supposed to use it for Business, but It’s not True Unassisted Remote.
VPN? Too complicated for most Non Profits.
TightVNC, Again Complicated for many Non Profits PORTS to open up.. (Security issues etc.)

Google Remote Desktop..

Well that’s tough,  It works and it’s FREE.
Pro’s:  FREE, PC/MAC, Not required to use Chrome as primary Browser, or running on remote PC/MAC
Unknown how many Connections? (Email me if you find out russ at sbits.biz)

Con’s: No File Transfer etc. like LogMeInPro just remote control. (But just email yourself the file)
Note: Chrome is Required to be used to Connect to the REMOTE desktop…

So you can’t get away from using Chrome 100% but hey guys it’s FREE what can you expect!

Requirements: Google Login, Chrome Browser on Each System, Chrome Remote App on Each System.

How to Remote Desktop with Google Chrome.. (This is a quick Post not all screens are shown but even a monkey can do this.)

First get an Google ID, you will not be required to enter a credit card (unlike iTunes)
Google account

Complete what ever you need to do to create a NEW Account. Yada Yada Yada… *Yes you can do this on your own!

Next You need to Download and install Chrome: (For your PC/MAC that you want to remote to.)

NOTE: You do NOT need Chrome as your Default Browser or even have Chrome up and running, that is the beauty of this!

Next, From the PC/MAC you want to Add to Remote access to…

Start Google Chrome: Login to Google…
Go to The Chrome APPS Store.
Search For “Chrome Remote Desktop”

Using your new Google Email account of course… DUH!
Search for “Chrome Remote Desktop” (It’s FREE)
Or Click Link below:
Chrome Remote Desktop App
Install App! (CLICK the Blue FREE Button)
It will take a while saying “Checking” (Which Means it’s Downloading a 23.3Mb App file)

After Finished Click the Launch App Button.

Google Remote Desktop Launch App

Next you will be prompted to allow Access…
Google Remote Authorize
And Another one!
Chrome Remote Access 2

OK now you will See Options.. Wait REMOTE SUPPORT?

Chrome Remote Desktop Options
Yes REMOTE SUPPORT! But I am not going to cover that in this post This is just for Users to connect to their Desktop
(Choose the Access your own computer from Anywhere. “Get Started”) For now… 🙂

Next you must enable this PC/MAC (Yes again)


Now you need to setup a PIN (I recommend a Different PIN in Each PC/MAC and use http://keepass.info/ to keep the info in


Once you enter the PIN you will get a confirmation:
Chrome Enabled
Add the Next PC/MAC the Same way. (Similar)

After you Add the second PC/MAC you will see this.. (Or Similar)
My ComputersOK now you are asking? NOW WHAT? How do I connect once it’s done?
(On the Example Click of course on the other System that you are not Local to.. (The MAC in this case)
Enter your PIN and You are Connected…

Once Chrome is Closed and you need to do remote access. (The Next Time you need it.)
Simply Open Chrome  Either Enter: chrome://apps/    (in the Chrome Address)
(Of course this has to be a PC/MAC that you’ve installed the steps above in)
or if you see to the Left the Little APPS Icon Click that. AppsLink

If you are Logged in! (If not do that) You should see Below: (Or Similar)
Choose Chrome Remote Desktop and you will get to this: My Computers
Click on a Computer you want to connect to and Enter the PIN
PINPCAnd BINGO you are Remotely Connect for FREE, Just like LogMeIn FREE 🙂
And yes FREE ALSO!