Quick Fix Backup Volume Shadow Copy Error SBS2003 SBS2008 SBS2011

I discovered that Shadow Copy both Wonderful thing, and a PAIN IN THE #@$#
Some servers have Shadow copy errors every 6months or so.

This is a Quick Fix, (Won’t Work for every Issue)
But I’ve found it very Useful.

(Since you may have found this post from searching for Backup Failed SBS2003 I’ll give you the fix here)

SBS2003 Backup Failed nearly blank log
On SBS2003 First Go into Scheduled Events And Delete your backup Events.
(If you see a Blank Backup this is the Number 1 Cause is the Corrupt Schedule)
Next Recreate the Schedule.. with the wizard.

Next Follow the fixes For Shadow Copy Error…

How to repair Volume Shadow Copy Error Backup SBS2003 SBS2008 SBS2011

First Open up Computer (To see  your Drives)
Then Right click on 1 drive and select “Configure Shadow Copies”1


Once you are in “Shadow Copies” Configuration Select each Physical Drive (Not the Backup Drive)
And Click on “Create Now”  And a Shadow Copy will be created. (Do this for Each Drive)
(If it crashes during this, or hour glasses for a long time) Delete/Disable the Scheduled Shadow copy and Re enable it.)

Note: I normally don’t use “Shadow Copy Schedule” on C: Or any drive with Exchange just Data Files.
(This is just a Test server in these images)

In addition take note on how much SPACE your Shadow copy is using, if it’s large. Either Adjust space, or Disable and recreate the Shadow copy, and configure the space you want to use..
This is For C:  2
Drive D: 3
And Drive E: (Drive G: is a backup drive and No need to run one on that.)
This should fix about 90% of all Volume Shadow Copy Errors on SBS..
*Should 😉